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‘Joobin truly is a dream-weaver, and his words are the thread.’
Alan Edwards


44 pp

Cover artwork by Cristina Daura

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In this lush collection of poems, Bekhrad tells of the dreams, desires, and visions of a spirit perpetually out of place.

I first met Joobin Bekhrad through an article he was writing about Marc Bolan for the New York Times. It’s very apt that it was Marc who brought us together, because Joobin’s poetry has a wonderfully Bolan-esque feel to it. He has a beautiful way with words that creates a whimsical world always on the verge of reality, rudely gate-crashing the party. In his poems, East and West intersect in fascinating chaotic and unpredictable ways — leather trousers and minarets collide. Joobin truly is a dream-weaver, and his words are the thread.
Alan Edwards, founder of The Outside Organisation and PR Week Hall of Fame member