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‘Your articles are brilliant and so well-researched.’
Barbara Hulanicki, OBE

Selected Articles
2013 — 2020


Basilico Before Basilico


John Malkovich Speaks on Recreating 61 Seminal Photographic Portraits

The Unseen Polaroids of Linda McCartney

Another Man

A ‘Modern-Day Gomorrah’: Capturing the After-Dark Activities of Studio 54

Unseen Photos of David Bowie at the Height of His Fame

A Masterclass in Songwriting from Johnny Marr

Keith Richards: Rock and Roll’s Ultimate Style Icon

Remembering Johnny Thunders Through Those Who Knew Him

Why Iran’s Impact on Rock and Roll Is Criminally Overlooked

Forty Years on, Marc Bolan Remains the Prince of Glam Rock

Anthropology of the Middle East

Review: Tasfiya 
Volume 10, Issue 2


Divine Mysteries at Asia House


Moving Still: Performative Photography in India

Siah Armajani: Follow This Line
Issue 111

Yoko Ono: The Riverbed
Issue 108

Rebel, Jester, Mystic, Poet
Issue 107


A Lebanese Artist’s Nude Photographs Spark Scandal and Inspiration

The Art Newspaper

Capitalising on its Acquisition, Art Gallery of Ontario Unfurls a Diane Arbus Retrospective

What Kanye West Has Gotten Wrong So Far in His Opera About Nebuchadnezzar

Ai Weiwei Show Brings Out Tensions Between Canada and China

A Love Letter to a Grittier, Punk-Accented New York

Shirin Aliabadi, Known for Depicting Rebellious Iranian Women, Is Dead

In a Troubled Iranian Era, Art Defied Darkness

Obituary: Abbas (1944 – 2018)

At Large

April 2018 issue cover story


The Story of the ‘Queen of Flowers’

Iran’s Ingenious Delivery Solution

A Thirteenth-Century Persian Poet’s Lessons for Today

Why Was a Floral Fabric Banned?

The Trippy Music Posters That Defined the Counterculture

Why Are the French So Chic?

What Does it Mean to Be ‘Camp’?
Chinese ·  Indonesian

The Electric Spark That Changed the Guitar Forever

Iran’s Fascinating Way to Tell Fortunes
Chinese · Indonesian · Portuguese

The Book of Kings: the Book That Defines Iranians

Iran’s Ancient Engineering Marvel
Chinese · Indonesian

What Iran’s Dazzling Art Tells Us About its Civilisation
Chinese · Indonesian · Persian · Turkish

The T-Shirt: a Rebel with a Cause

The Rubaiyat: History’s Most Luxurious Book of Poetry?
Arani · Persian · Spanish · Turkish · Vietnamese

The Ancient Symbol That Spanned Millennia

The Timeless Appeal of the Persian Rug
Chinese · Turkish

The Ancient ‘Arabic Kama Sutra
Indonesian · Persian · Spanish · Vietnamese

The Mystics Who Found Meaning in Solar Panels
Chinese · Vietnamese

The Iranian Religion That Shaped the West
Czech · Indonesian · Persian · Portuguese · Russian · Spanish · Turkish · Vietnamese

Benji Knewman

The Place to Which I Shall Return
Volume 2

Blanc Magazine

Paria Farzaneh

Bright Lights Film Journal

Marc Bolan and Born to Boogie: the Great Unsung Rock and Roll Film

The British Library

Tagore Meets an Old Friend in Iran
Untold Lives

The Cairo Review of Global Affairs

Tehran Bazaar
Issue 14


Art and Iran
The Iran Report


A Show About Nothing
March 2015 issue

The Chicago Review of Books

Wonder and Wine in The Robaiyat of Omar Khayyam


Ramhani, Deconstructed


Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Wood: Painting Is My ‘God-Given Talent’

Vintage Photos Show the Realities of Life After World War I


Children of the Revolution
SS 2016 issue

The Economist

Shiraz in Shiraz: Why Wine Is Integral to Persian Culture

Encyclopaedia Iranica

Hushang Irani
Translated from the Persian

The Financial Times

Spotlight on Guitar Heroes (and Heroines)
April 12, 2019 edition

‘A Prayer for Mecca’: Ahmed Mater’s Portrait of a City in Transition
December 9, 2018 edition


What Exactly Is the ‘Islamic’ World?


Issue 190

GQ (British)

Twelve of Keith Richards’ Strongest Looks to Embrace This Year

The Beatles’ Most Fashionable Moments

Yes, You Should Start Dressing Like Freddie Mercury

Why You Need to Start Dressing Like Johnny Marr

How to Recreate the Rolling Stones’ Most Stylish Moments

World Cup 2018 Kits Ranked: From Worst to Best

How to Recreate Paul Weller’s Most Stylish Moments

Whole Lotta Style: Led Zeppelin’s Sartorial Legacy

The Guardian

Pink Floyd’s Burning Man: Aubrey Powell’s Best Photograph
August 13, 2020 edition

Glitter and Curls: Marc Bolan and the Birth of Glam Rock Style
Republished by the Gulf Times (June 30, 2020 edition)

What an Iranian Film About a Leper Colony Can Teach Us About Coronavirus

On the Shoulders of Giants in Southwest Iran

Harper’s Bazaar Art

Home, or Something Like It
September-October 2015 issue

Cold Turkey
March-April 2015 issue


The Unspoken Iranian Influence on Western Fashion

The LA Review of Books

What a Fifty-Year-Old Persian Classic Tells Us About [Iran’s] Predicament Today

Little White Lies

Gheisar vs Get Carter: the Iranian Precursor to a British Crime Classic

The Strange Case of the Rolling Stones’ Rock and Roll Circus

The London Magazine

Layli and Majnun: ‘the Romeo and Juliet of the East’

The Warlock of Love: Revisiting Marc Bolan’s Forgotten Poetry Book Fifty Years On


Keanoush Da Rosa – Persian Heritage in Contemporary Fashion


Leonardo DiCaprio Can’t Play Rumi Because He Wasn’t White – Or Was He?


By Royal Appointment: Postcard from Iran
Winter Weekly (Issue 3)

The New York Times

How the ‘Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World’ Got its Logo
April 14, 2020 edition
Republished by The Independent
Japanese · Portuguese · Spanish

The Least-Known Most Influential Man in Fashion
September 21, 2017 edition
Republished by The Independent


Prurience in Persia: the Lascivious World of Qajar Iran
April 2018 issue


Inside Thierry Mugler’s World: Where Women Dominate Men


Mr Trump, Lovers of Iran Would Like to Thank You for Helping Our Cause

The Rake

Keith Richards: Elegantly Wasted
Issue 55

Royal College of Art

Sin City
IAAC Exhibition Reviews Annual 2014-15


Disney’s Aladdin Is a Fake

The Telegraph

From Elvis Presley to Patti Smith and the Stones, Rock Music Is Built on Racism: Why Don’t We Care?

The Times Literary Supplement

Kiss My Lips: Female Poets in the Persian Language
February 21, 2020 edition

Travel Plus

Travelogue: Tehran

Vanity Fair

A Walk Through Anna Sui’s Rock and Roll World

The Washington Post

London Museum Exhibition Focuses on Frida Kahlo as a Style Icon
July 8, 2018 edition

The White Review

No One Here Gets Out Alive: Kaveh Golestan’s Prostitutes Series