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Rebel, Jester, Mystic, PoetArtAsiaPacific
Over the Hills and Far Away – Uncommon Dubai (forthcoming)
Mr. Trump, Lovers of Iran Would Like to Thank You for Helping Our Cause – PRI
The Mystics Who Found Meaning in Solar Panels – BBC
(Posted at the top of the homepage and featured as an ‘Editor’s Pick‘ on April 14)
The Iranian Religion that Shaped the West – BBC
(Posted at the top of the homepage on April 7, and featured as the ‘Editor’s Pick’ on April 8;
also included in Flipboard’s ‘Ten for Today‘ list on April 11)
Visuals in 1,500: Leila Pazooki’s Moment of GloryJadaliyya
How Trump is Making Iran Great AgainMuftah
The Unspoken Iranian Influence on Western Fashioni-D/Vice
What Exactly is the ‘Islamic’ World?Forbes
How My Love of Music Inspired My WritingFemale First
Iraq: On the Ground, Through a LensMiddle East Monitor


The House of SassanWelum
I the IranianTopTopic
Tagore Meets an Old Friend in Iran – The British Library’s Untold Lives
Shiraz in Shiraz: Why Wine is Integral to Persian CultureThe Economist
Review: TasfiyaAnthropology of the Middle East
Leonardo DiCaprio Can’t Play Rumi Because He Wasn’t White – Or Was He?Metro (UK)
A Lebanese Artist’s Nude Photographs Spark Scandal and InspirationArtsy
Children of the RevolutionDust
The Place to Which I Shall ReturnBenji Knewman
On the Shoulders of Giants in Southwest IranThe Guardian
Basilico Before BasilicoAesthetica
A Lebanese ArchiveTribe Photo and New Media Magazine
Shiny Happy People – Alef


Art and Iran – Campaign
Travelogue: Tehran – Travel Plus
Home, or Somewhere Like It – Harper’s Bazaar Art Arabia
GoogooshTirgan Magazine
A Wealth of Talent: Domestic and International Markets for Iranian ArtBourse and Bazaar
The Future of Performance Art in Iran is Bright – Aftab Newspaper
Sin City – Exhibition Reviews Annual 2014-15 (published by the International Award for Art Criticism)
Fear and Loathing in Istanbul – Harper’s Bazaar Art Arabia
A Show About Nothing – Canvas
Hushang Irani (translation) – Encyclopaedia Iranica


Reviews of albums by Mohammad Mo’tamedi and the Delgosha Ensemble for Songlines
The Age of the Neo-Orientalists – Al Farah Magazine
Tehran BazaarThe Cairo Review of Global Affairs


Ramhani, DeconstructedChristie’s
Hafez in Istanbul – Luxury Travel Stories
Journey to the East – Tirgan Magazine
Magical Mystery Tour – Oasis Magazine