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Elegantly Wasted: Keith Richards – The Rake (December issue)
‘A Prayer for Mecca’: Ahmed Mater’s Portrait of a City in TransitionThe Financial Times
(Also featured in the printed edition on December 9)
The Ancient Symbol that Spanned Millennia – BBC (featured as an ‘Editor’s Pick’ on December 8)
The Timeless Appeal of the Persian Rug – BBC
Divine Mysteries at Asia HouseApollo
Remembering Johnny Thunders Through Those Who Knew HimAnother Man
Why Iran’s Impact on Rock and Roll is Criminally OverlookedAnother Man
The Least-Known Most Influential Man in FashionThe New York Times
(Also featured in the printed edition on September 21 and republished by The Independent)
Forty Years on, Marc Bolan Remains the Prince of Glam RockAnother Man
The Ancient ‘Arabic Kama Sutra’ – BBC
(Posted at the top of the homepage and featured as an ‘Editor’s Pick’ on July 25)
Rebel, Jester, Mystic, PoetArtAsiaPacific
Mr. Trump, Lovers of Iran Would Like to Thank You for Helping Our Cause – PRI
The Mystics Who Found Meaning in Solar Panels – BBC
(Posted at the top of the homepage and featured as an ‘Editor’s Pick’ on April 14)
The Iranian Religion that Shaped the West – BBC
(Posted at the top of the homepage on April 7, and featured as an ‘Editor’s Pick’ on April 8;
also included in Flipboard’s ‘Ten for Today‘ list on April 11)
Visuals in 1,500: Leila Pazooki’s Moment of GloryJadaliyya
How Trump is Making Iran Great AgainMuftah
The Unspoken Iranian Influence on Western Fashioni-D/Vice
What Exactly is the ‘Islamic’ World?Forbes
How My Love of Music Inspired My WritingFemale First
Iraq: On the Ground, Through a LensMiddle East Monitor


The House of SassanWelum
I the IranianTopTopic
Tagore Meets an Old Friend in Iran – The British Library’s Untold Lives
Shiraz in Shiraz: Why Wine is Integral to Persian CultureThe Economist
Review: TasfiyaAnthropology of the Middle East
Leonardo DiCaprio Can’t Play Rumi Because He Wasn’t White – Or Was He?Metro (UK)
A Lebanese Artist’s Nude Photographs Spark Scandal and InspirationArtsy
Children of the RevolutionDust
The Place to Which I Shall ReturnBenji Knewman
On the Shoulders of Giants in Southwest IranThe Guardian
Basilico Before BasilicoAesthetica
A Lebanese ArchiveTribe Photo and New Media Magazine
Shiny Happy People – Alef


Art and Iran – Campaign
Travelogue: Tehran – Travel Plus
Home, or Somewhere Like It – Harper’s Bazaar Art Arabia
GoogooshTirgan Magazine
A Wealth of Talent: Domestic and International Markets for Iranian ArtBourse and Bazaar
The Future of Performance Art in Iran is Bright – Aftab Newspaper
Sin City – Exhibition Reviews Annual 2014-15 (published by the International Award for Art Criticism)
Fear and Loathing in Istanbul – Harper’s Bazaar Art Arabia
A Show About Nothing – Canvas
Hushang Irani (translation) – Encyclopaedia Iranica


Reviews of albums by Mohammad Mo’tamedi and the Delgosha Ensemble for Songlines
The Age of the Neo-Orientalists – Al Farah Magazine
Tehran BazaarThe Cairo Review of Global Affairs


Ramhani, DeconstructedChristie’s
Hafez in Istanbul – Luxury Travel Stories
Journey to the East – Tirgan Magazine
Magical Mystery Tour – Oasis Magazine