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Praise for ‘Coming Down Again’
‘Coming Down Again’ offers a rich, rewarding immersion in the strangely familiar; its Bowie fan protagonist, Asha, cherishes his idea of London’s glam scene even while he struts and dreams in the streets of Tehran, amid that city’s very different sights, sounds, and scents. A wonderful portrait of teen abandon and ambition, and a fascinating counterpart to two of Bowie’s favourite books, The Buddha of Suburbia and Absolute Beginners.
Will Brooker, author of Forever Stardust: David Bowie Across the Universe
Joobin Bekhrad’s ‘Coming Down Again’ is packed with the faded ennui, delicious dalliances, and aching moments of invincibility that define a Iranian teenager’s coming of age. A brilliant novella by a clear, conscious voice in the style of excellent exile literature; evocative, crisp, and sumptuous, and abounding with poetic realism.
Tina Gharavi, BAFTA-nominated screenwriter, director, and activist
Playing Ziggy Stardust in Iran: a magical rock and roll riff on growing up in Tehran.
Tom Holland, Hessell-Tiltman Prize-winning writer and historian
Cool, but not hipster, Tehran: disaffected youth yearning for nothing more than their counterparts in the West do: sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Joobin Bekhrad’s ‘Coming Down Again’ is a wonderful journey there.
Hooman Majd, journalist, author, and commentator
Bekhrad takes you right back to that sweet spot of your teenage years where you are full of dreams and feel like anything is possible – and, that no one understands you. Then, he makes you want to do Bowie impressions in the mirror all night.
Sarah Maple, acclaimed multidisciplinary artist
Bekhrad is a master at exploring the difficulty teenagers have with making such life-changing choices.
Morning Star
Compelling counterpoints! A Bowie-obsessed teenager growing up in Ahmadinejad’s Tehran. Fascinating.
Simon Napier-Bell
Coming Down Again is a wonderfully written book. I enjoyed every exuberant word of it.
Roald Nasgaard, award-winning author and curator, Officer of the Order of Canada, and Professor Emeritus of Art History at Florida State University
Praise for ‘The Quatrains of Omar Khayyam’
Bekhrad has succeeded in capturing the essence of Khayyam’s ‘Robaiyat’ … His rendition offers both clarity and fidelity to the meaning, rhythm, and tones of the original Persian poems.
Soheil Parsa, award-winning director
Joobin’s translation of the ‘Robaiyat’ of Omar Khayyam shows his sensitivity in our times.
Parviz Tanavoli, renowned artist
Praise for ‘With My Head in the Clouds and Stars in My Eyes’
In a deeply personal encounter with his native Iran, Bekhrad supplants stereotypes with poignant glimpses into the country’s complex and magnificent history.
Deeyah Khan, acclaimed director, producer, composer, and human rights activist
He may have left the table, but you’ve captured Abbas and his life’s work well. Thank you.
Ahmad Kiarostami
If you are looking for someone working hard to understand his cultural background and share it with the rest of the world, it’s Joobin Bekhrad. When I saw him in my studio in Tehran a few years ago, I could not believe my eyes. He had come to see my work and talk to me, despite unpredictable inconveniences. That is not all; his translation of the Robaiyat of Omar Khayyam shows his sensitivity in our times.
Parviz Tanavoli


Quite stunning and beautifully designed.
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One of the best reviews I’ve gotten of my book so far.
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